Why American Kobe?

Kobe is globally known to be the greatest tasting red meat available.  This does not happen by accident.  To obtain the highest grade available, traditional USDA grading systems call for 6-8% marbled fat.  In comparison, the Firelands American Kobe falls in the 20-25% range.  This extremely high degree of marbled fat is what gives Kobe beef its superior texture and taste. Yet this fat is mostly monounsaturated, which can actually lower LDL (or ‘bad’) cholesterol. This should provide guilty relief when you eat our beef!

Such intense marbling in Kobe beef occurs not only due to superior genetics, but also to the painstaking care taken in their rearing. The feeding process of our cattle is carefully regulated, with different feeds during the various stages of growth.  Once our steers have been weaned, they are placed on an all-natural diet that consists of corn, distillers grains, and oats.  Our cattle do not receive any hormone treatment.  We monitor our cattle’s marbling progression via a highly technological ultrasound procedure.  Once the steer is slaughtered, they are hung and dry-aged for 21 days before packing.

That is why American Kobe beef should be in your kitchen, always!